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Our business was started in 1999 with the intimate apparel consumer in mind. We added a DBA specializing in women's footwear in 2000 and hope to continue to add to the fashion community in the future.

It has been our mission to provide the latest, sexiest and most unique styles in women's apparel, club/dance wear, lingerie, swimwear, footwear and more. We research every line of merchandise we carry to ensure the best quality at the best prices. New items, categories and manufacturers are added frequently so we welcome you to check with us often for the latest offerings.

It has been our goal to create a place where people can come together in a bright, open and friendly atmosphere to share in a common interest. Where the shopping is easy, the selection is large and the surroundings are pleasant. We have incorporated our community feeling with outstanding customer service and client loyalty.

Babydoll A Babydoll generally consists of formed cups that have an attached, loose fitting, skirt that falls anywhere between the waist and the hips. Bikini A low cut panty that typically features a moderately (to completely) full back. Bloomers An older style of women's underwear that fashioned after loose fitting shorts, generally featuring elastic around the legs. Bodystocking A piece of hosiery that fits snugly from toe to neck. Bodysuit A one piece gartment that is similar to a leotard or teddy. Boxers (Boxer Shorts) Loose fitting under shorts designed for men, but also preferred by women as they are great for lounging. Bustier Styled as a longline bra, a Bustier extends to the waist to provide unbelievable support and control. Many bustiers are now styled to look great in the bedroom and out. Camisole A short, generally loose fitting, top that offers little or no real support. Chemise Simply put, a short dress or underslip.

Corset Similar to a Bustier, a corset is designed to cinch the waist and lift the breasts. Corsets tend to feature lacing in the back for a completely adjustable fit. Crop Top A short top that falls just below the breast Crotchless Panties, or other lingerie styles, that feature a convenience opening in the crotch area. Demi-Cups Also known as half cups, refers to a lower line bra or top that showns more of the upper breast. Garter An elastic band that is generally decorated in satin and ribbons, that was originally designed to hold stockings in place. Now it's more of an accessory than a necessity. Gaterbelt An item that's named for its features, a garterbelt is a belt with elastic straps attached to hold up your stockings. These are typically adjustable in fit. Gown A long dress. G-String A panty that features a triangular patch of fabric that is put together with thin elastic straps, completely exposing the derriere.

Halter Top A top that exposes the shoulders by tying around the neck. Hot Pants Short shorts. Long Line Used when referring to Bras or Bustiers that extend below the norm for these items. Open Bust Referring to a Bra or other garment that has no cup or other support or coverage for the breasts. Open Tip Referring to a garment that features a support cup, but the nipple remains exposed. Padded Cups Cups that include a layer of extra padding inside. While the padding is sometimes removable, these are generally preferred by those with smaller breasts or who are looking for some extra cleavage. Peek-A-Boo Cups This term refers to the cups of a bra, babydoll or other garment that has an opening to subtly reveal the breast and/or nipples. Pegnior A negligee or dressing gown. Pouch A man's G-String. Push-Up Cups Padded cups that are designed to push the breasts in and up to create unbelievable cleavage. The padding is sometimes removable. Shelf Cups Referring to a Bra or other garment that provides support underneath the breast, but exposes the nipple and upper breast area.

Silicone Cups Cups that are padded with silicone rather than the standard fiber. Silicone padded cups tend to have a smoother look and more comfortable feel. They will conform to your shape, instead of you conforming to theirs Tap Pant A loose fitting pant (generally short) with a lightly gathered, elastic waistband. Teddiette A teddy with attached garters. Teddy A one piece garment (similar to a bodysuit) that typically features a thong back and high cut legs. Thong A panty that has a thin strip of fabric in the back. Underwired Cups Cups that feature a thin wire sewn into the base. The wires give a little extra support and lift. Very popular with women who have larger breasts.

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